To Life

The isolation of Covid continues to be challenging at this point for everyone. I’m grateful to have found some things to keep busy with and ways to connect with others. I’m already learning quite a bit in my Dietetics and Life Fitness classes – that I eat too many carbs, and I’m my phone way too much. Technology, which constantly changes, has been the most challenging part of taking online classes thus far! I had to get a new computer, as everything I had was either outdated or not compatible with the school’s website (mostly outdated).

I’m aiming to write a blog post at least once a week, and I will. Tomorrow evening, I will visit other’s websites to catch up. Friday I was diverted for a full day by things I had to do for my brother John as well as David (aka my “Pops”). John finally got his heavy cast off his leg and began doing physical therapy on Friday with a walker. He is also still healing cognitively and is working with the occupational therapist and speech pathologist as well. I had to mail his shoes to him among other things.

My stepsister developed shingles and warned me last week to get a shot, so I rushed in and received the flu, pneumonia, and shingles shots. I wanted to get them all over with. I felt a little under the weather for a few days and had two really sore arms, but I’m feeling better now.

This time of year, I do an inventory of the past year as part of maintaining my spiritual health, and I return to my innermost self to reflect. I clear away the baggage of the past as I remember that this life is a gift.