Departed on a Special Day

David, my stepfather for 38 years, passed away on July 31. The last three years had been very difficult for him without my mother. He missed her every day. He had a picture of her by his bedside in which she had angel wings and a halo from a graphic art overlay. It was made by an anonymous individual on one of the grief websites I frequented. David had placed his wedding ring within it’s frame. The other picture by his bed was taken on his and Mom’s wedding day. It was a beautiful picture full of love and happiness. David said he talked to Mom every day for those three plus years that he had been without her. He was a healthy 90-year-old who unexpectedly became ill with pneumonia recently and deteriorated very rapidly. The day he departed from this physical world was his and Mom’s 38th wedding anniversary. It gave me great comfort to know that he left us to join her on such a special day. I brought the picture home of Mom with angel wings. I placed her ring with his. His struggle without her has ended.

My brother John continues to improve slowly. It will be a long healing process with no certainty of how long it will take for him to improve. He has been hospitalized and in a skilled nursing home for a total of six weeks and two days so far. I’m exhausted. I’ve been taking care of all of John’s affairs, and I was David’s power of attorney too. My husband built a fishing cabin by our pond, which he calls the shack. I’ve claimed it for the moment, and I’m listening to crickets and looking at the night sky full of stars. It is a peaceful break from all.