Twin Crises

I have not written, as I was awakened at 3:40 a.m. on June 28th by the local sheriff who informed me that my brother had been the victim of a hit and run while riding his bike to work. He was flown to the closest local trauma unit. I have been dealing with police, medical professionals, reporters, all my brother’s financial affairs, and communicating with friends and family because I am the next of kin. My other brother has tried to do what he can to help, but he is on the other coast in California. At the same time, my stepfather appears to have had a minor stroke and has deteriorated quite rapidly over the last month. He is 90-years old. My stepsister has been very involved with helping out with all of that. Between the two crises, I’ve reached my limits on physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. Both are still alive, but I fear my stepfather whom I call Pops will not survive. My brother will survive but may have some permanent disabilities due to head injuries. I am resting this week (I hope) and will write more.