Family Visit

I hadn’t seen my brother Richard in over two years, and with all that’s occurred over the past several months, he was fairly determined to fly to the East Coast and see us. We watched the Covid numbers, debated whether it was a good time, and finally planned to go through with the visit – case numbers were fairly plateaued in Virginia and California at the time. We planned how to do things safely to the best of our ability.

It ended up that we had a wonderful visit and even traveled down to see our brother John. I’m grateful that Richard came, and I was sad when he left. He was here for almost a week, but the time went by rapidly. It’s been two weeks since his visit and no one has come down with Covid thankfully. The case numbers are going up everywhere now, and I know I will not see him again for a while.

I’ve continued to stay busy with my stepfather’s affairs as well as driving down to see my brother John once a week to help him. It’s a long, round-trip drive. This past Monday, I was gone from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. – including a seven hour round trip drive. When I am able to relax at home, I am enjoying my many tropical plants and grow lights in my house as the weather grows colder. We are also making the most of our gas fire pit and other outdoor heating devices until it gets too cold to do so. Some of the survival strategies for isolating during this pandemic seem to be working so far. I’ll post some pictures of the plants and all else this weekend.

6 thoughts on “Family Visit

      1. I have all of my mom’s parrots and they think so too. The parrots “claimed” me right away when I would go to the house to help David after Mom died. They would not have anything to do with anyone else.

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