Creating Joy

We’ve been busy here at the house fixing up the deck for social distancing get togethers with our immediate family. I’m also turning my diningroom into a tropical room with plants and lots of grow lights since no guests will be dining there. I’m experiencing great joy doing these things and will have pictures soon. There will be no SADD here this winter.

3 thoughts on “Creating Joy

  1. Yes, winter and its short, dark days are coming. Even here in “sunny” California we have less light in winter which always makes me sad.

    It gets cold here, too, unlike the coastal areas which are more temperate. My daughter and I just had this conversation about how I had done well during spring and summer COVID days, but winter might be harder. She said, “mom, just bundle up and go out, it will be good for you.” Easy advice to hear when it’s 90 degrees. Maybe not so easy when it’s 43 degrees.

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  2. You are right about Winter combined with the insidious SAD not being welcome and I hope all your little ‘schemes’ work and you don’t suffer mentally.
    Luckily Spring has arrived here with its lighter and warmer days ( well warmer is slow coming at the moment 😊)….there’s just that other problem we all have to deal with. Ours is on the way down here’s hoping yours does soon.
    Take care – stay safe – and love them like there is no tomorrow!

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  3. I’ll take pictures of my home turned greenhouse as soon as I have it all arranged. I hope it works too. We are in for a long, dark winter due to our Covid numbers. We desperately need new leadership, or rather, we need leadership – which we don’t have right now. Stay safe. ❤


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