Debate Night It Was Not

It was certainly NOT a debate. One candidate acted presidential. The other candidate acted like an immature, spoiled bully who would not give anyone else a turn to speak – including the moderator. How can anyone miss the arrogance and entitlement that precedes his inability to be civil and allow another person to speak? How can anyone think that someone who is so self-centered is on their side? In a court trial, a juror is allowed to take a person’s demeanor into account while listening to the person’s testimony. That should be as important if not more so when considering a candidate for president of the U.S. Has our country become one in which the biggest bully is the winner?

2 thoughts on “Debate Night It Was Not

  1. I agree, it was awful. My 13 year old went to school and said he acted like a child and she was right. But one of those horrible bullying, spoilt children.
    I hope, hope, hope he’s unseated by an overwhelming majority in November and that he concedes with his tail between his legs.

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