This Too Shall Pass

We’ve had really humid, rainy weather a lot of this summer, but Saturday was a breath of fresh air. A cold front came through, and the temperatures were perfect with very low humidity. Saturday evening was cool and we were able to open the windows rather than run the air conditioning. Family came over and we social distanced outside and grilled hot dogs. It was heavenly, and I relished each moment of this respite. Sunday, the rains returned and were relentless for two full days. My internet went out at the beginning of those two days and never came back on.

This morning when I awoke, I called our satellite internet customer service for help. They usually run a diagnostic test to see what’s wrong; however, he first asked me to check all the connections on the modem, and then he asked me go outside and make sure nothing was obstructing the dish. Our satellite internet dish is attached to the side of our deck. A plant had fallen over in the storms, and was poking thru the deck rails obstructing the dish. As soon as I set it up and went back inside, the modem’s lights were all lit up! So, two days without internet because of a plant!

I’ve been doing more estate stuff for David, which is winding down, and I have a family meeting with the social worker regarding my brother on Friday. After rain again this week, we are forecast to have yet another beautiful taste of fall this weekend! Even though the summer has vanished while I dealt with crises, I am looking forward to the fall with excitement and optimism. And although it is difficult to see while in the middle of unpleasantness, “This too shall pass,” and thankfully, it certainly is doing so!

4 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. He is improving more rapidly now. He has developed another small brain bleed, but they expect it to self-heal. He gets his cast off next week and will then begin physical therapy for walking again and building up his stamina. He is getting a bit tired of being at the skilled nursing facility, which is a good sign.


  2. Thanks, Gigi! I love rainbows and always try to get a picture of them. A member of my immediate family questioned, at one point, all the time required of me to help David and John. I looked at them and said, “If not me, then who is going to help them?” to which there was no reply. My other brother lives in San Diego, CA, so I do what is needed knowing that one day I will need help too. It’s all part of life.


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