I went for a walk at dusk today instead of earlier like I usually do. It was magical. The woods along the driveway had a mist about them, and fireflies blinked everywhere like little fairies. I was intrigued. The sky was clear and the crescent moon was bright in the sky. I had my German Shepherd, Phebe, with me. I was thinking her scent, along with my commands for her to stay near me would help keep critters away, as a mother bear with two small cubs had been spotted by my husband in the recent past. I’m sure all the noise kept anything like that away, but Phebe suddenly took off through the woods after something and would not listen to me, which is so unlike her. I will guess it was a deer. I called for her, but she didn’t come. Eventually, I said, “Phebe, let’s go,” which meant I was leaving. She then returned, and thankfully, she did not smell like a skunk. Next time, I will walk alone at dusk and just enjoy the fairy forest, but I will make a little noise here and there to announce my presence.

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